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Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This full spectrum CBD oil has a dose of 5000mg, which is by far the strongest and most effective CBD option in New Zealand. This product is complete with a full spectrum of cannabinoids for maximizing the entourage effect.

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5000mg 25ml full spectrum CBD tincture. Has a very nice calming effect, promotes relaxation & great taste. POTENT potentiator of Kratom due to CBD being a potent inhibitor of many P450 enzymes including CYP2D6 and CYP3A4. One of the main enzymes responsible for metabolizing mitragynine (kratom) is 2D6, which CBD also targets. From personal anecdotal experience this is indeed true. Full spectrum means the tincture contains not only CBD, but also trace amounts of THC (you will not fail a drug test), CBN, CBG, CBC Can improve ailments such as anxiety, insomnia, recovery from traumatic brain injury, stroke, bone loss, concussion, epilepsy, austism, muscle pain, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, ADHD. - Anti-inflammatory properties - Regulates stress - Helps with chronic pain - Promotes solid sleep - Effective in treating PTSD - Topical therapy for glaucoma - Helps to treat depression - Helps reduce substance abuse - Treats epilepsy and seizures - Arrests cancerous growths - Treats irritable bowel syndrome - Strengthens the cardiovascular system Safe for pets Much cheaper than prescription which would cost $600 for two weeks course of inferior, far less potent CBD oil. Dosage: 1-4 drops under the tongue. User reports signify that this newer batch has stronger effects so vary your dosage accordingly. Take sublingual (under the tongue) for maximum effects. USA import.


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Full Spectrum CBD Oil